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Electude’s e-learning leads the world with solutions for light vehicles, heavy vehicles and systems technologies. It’s the brainchild of two automotive entrepreneurs who, while still at university, recognized that today’s technical students are visual and kinesthetic learners, more suited to using their hands and eyes than to reading textbooks.

Headquartered in the Netherlands with offices worldwide, Electude continues to introduce new curricula with the power to help students reach their potential.

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It all started with two students in a workshop

In 1990, John Vlaar and Koen Berends were still at university. When educators complained about the declining quality of automotive technology students and trainees, these two young entrepreneurs saw it differently.

They realized that the problem lay not with the quality of student, but with outdated teaching methods and materials. John and Koen began looking at technical education in a totally new way. Why, they wondered, would we teach hands-on learners the same way we teach students of history or literature? Technical students don’t want to read textbooks or sit around watching videos. They learn by doing.

Electude was born.

The company quickly grew into one of the Netherlands’ leading automotive training institutes. Eventually, Electude turned away from training and shifted their focus entirely to developing e-learning materials, strengthened by a rapid and ongoing culture of change. The firsts kept coming.

Today, Electude produces the world’s leading automotive e-learning solutions. Their platform uses gaming technology to teach technical students in the ways they learn best, while providing instructors with unique, time-saving tools and detailed group and individual analytics. Electude solutions are available in dozens of languages and over 70 countries. The company has offices worldwide, with international headquarters in the Netherlands.

Technical education will never be the same again. And it all started with two students and a workshop.

  • 1990: Electude is founded by Koen Berends and John Vlaar
  • 1994: Hans van der Riet joins as the lead technologist
  • 1999: Inspired by gaming technology, Electude starts building an e-learning solution
  • 2007: Electude launches a revolutionary Learning Management System (LMS) and virtual simulator
  • 2008: Peter Nientker’s investment group takes a stake in the company
  • 2010: Electude USA LLC is opened
  • 2010: Electude establishes product partnership HaynesPro
  • 2014: Automotive Essentials, the automotive core curriculum solution, is completed
  • 2015: Electric Drive topic is added
  • 2016: Classroom, a complete solution for today’s automotive students and instructors, is launched in the Netherlands
  • 2018: Electude establishes product partnerships with ConsuLab, CCAR and MotoLogic
  • 2018: Electude China WOFE is opened
  • 2018: Electude Colombia SAS is opened
  • 2019: Electude establishes product partnership Haynes AllAccess
  • 2019: Classroom is launched in the United States
  • 2020: The Heavy Vehicle Systems curriculum is launched
  • 2020: Electude establishes product partnership Career TEAM
  • 2020: COVID-19 safety modules are added
  • 2022: Pei Lin Wong joins the management team, tasked with the financial portfolio
  • 2022: Official Gold sponsor for WorldSkills the finals Special Edition, Dresden (Germany)
  • 2023: Deborah Jessop joins the management team as Chief Information & Operations Officer

Management Team

Peter Nientker – Chairman

Koen Berends – Chief Development Officer

Hans van der Riet – Chief Technology Officer

Pei Lin Wong – Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Jessop – Chief Information & Operations Officer

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