Meet our UK team

Electude’s UK team consists of Cat Treanor and Daniel Perry. They are both very passionate about improving automotive education.  Using their experience and knowledge from their time in the automotive industry and as motor vehicle teachers they can support you with your training needs. Click on the button below to learn more about Cat & Dan and the work they do across the UK.

Catherine Treanor

Cat Treanor is a Certified Automotive Engineer. She started her career as an Automotive Technician and after some years in the trade was approached by Electude to become the UK Business Development Manager. She has now been with us for over five years. Cat is very passionate about encouraging diversity in the automotive industry and regularly presents at industry events worldwide to showcase the importance of equality in the trade and sharing her experience.

In her spare time, she volunteers with Dog’s Trust as a foster carer and can usually be found rambling around the countryside litter picking as she goes!

I am someone who has used Electude as a student, then a teacher and now an employee and that has given me a unique perspective on how invaluable it can be to a student’s development’


Contact details

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 07470 356 711

Daniel Perry

Dan started his professional automotive career as apprentice at a small Renault dealer.  Very quickly after completing his Advanced Modern Apprenticeship and winning the Renault UK Level 3 Apprentice of the year competition, he transferred to a larger Renault dealer to continue his development. Within a short space of time Dan progressed from a technician to senior technician and then finally as a Renault Technical Expert (Master Technician). Dan continued his career with Mitsubishi, Audi and BMW dealers whilst also completing manufacturer training courses.

After spending 12 years working in main dealers, Dan transitioned into teaching at a local college where he spent five and a half years working as a Programme Manager and Course Leader for both light vehicle and motorsport programmes. In August 2019 Dan started to work at Electude as a UK Business Development Manager and joined Cat Treanor as part of the Electude UK team.

In his spare time Dan loves spending time outdoors and can often be found on the water kayaking, surfing or spearfishing.


Contact details

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 07834 468 597

Our work in the UK

Electude UK is dedicated to the automotive training sector in more ways than one. Not only do we strive for automotive students to have access to the best learning material and resources but we go above and beyond in supporting our users. Electude UK offer a bespoke course building service bringing both trade and curriculum experience combined with expert knowledge on Electude’s advanced content and features. Customers benefit from ongoing support and training, either face to face, online or via organised webinars.

Electude UK are a partner of the World Skills UK Skill Auto competition in association with the IMI. We sponsor the event by hosting online exams, pre-requisite training and supplying competition hardware for the UK finals.



Cat and Dan also give guest lectures and career talks to their customers and students.  This provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain further insight in to different aspects of the automotive trade sector.  As well as guest lectures and career talks, Cat and Dan also support trade events and open days. Please contact us for more information on this.

The Electude Mobile Experience Room – EMER, is a great way for your students to experience some of the fantastic Thepra Training Aids we offer.  The EMER is a fully mobile classroom which is equipped a variety of Thepra Training Aids that both student and teachers can use.