Electude supports LTI

August 31, 2020 | Nuenen, the Netherlands

We are pleased to announce Electude now provides LTI integration with several major LMS products, including Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace and Moodle.

LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) allows the Electude LMS to communicate with the learning management systems educational institutions use campus-wide. With the help of an LTI-integration, your school can easily and quickly connect Electude to the school’s LMS. LTI integration means learners do not need to log in separately to Electude and teachers and students benefit from Electude’s deep-linked content and features.

What are the benefits of LTI?

  • Single sign-on: LTI eliminates the need to manage multiple sets of login credentials for different tools and websites. The student or teacher logs in to the school’s LMS and has direct access to Electude.
  • Simple tool integration: Once the LTI integration is set up, it is quick and easy for teachers to select Electude content and give students access via the third party LMS.
  • Result notification: Results are automatically sent to and displayed in the other LMS.
  • Secure data and user transfer
Here you see a student logged in to the Learning Management System ‘Canvas’ taking an Electude module.

Which Learning Management Systems support LTI?

Most learning management systems – including Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace and Moodle – support LTI. For Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard we have detailed step-by-step manuals to help technical administrators and teachers succeed with the integration.

More information

For more technical information about the LTI-integration, please refer to our technical help page.

Questions and support

Are you interested in connecting Electude with your school’s LMS through LTI? Get in touch with your account manager for more information or support.

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