Electude wins the best automotive e-learning company 2017 award

December 19, 2017 | Nuenen, The Netherlands

Electude International, the leading global provider of automotive e-learning solutions, is pleased to announce Corporate Vision Magazine has named it the Best Automotive e-Learning Company 2017 award in its HR & Training Awards category.

Following the success of the inaugural HR & Training Awards in 2016, the 2017 awards honour those companies and individuals that are meeting the highest standards of productivity and performance within their respected industry areas.

Discussing the programme, Amy Gower, Awards Coordinator, commented: “Operating in such a vital industry, each of my deserving winners has demonstrated their dedication, commitment and tenacity, and as such I am proud to showcase their achievements and wish them the very best of luck going forward.”

Thomas Snyder, Electude’s Chief Commercial Officer, added: “Electude is extremely proud of being recognized as the best automotive e-learning company in the world. Our company has set out to fundamentally change how automotive technology is taught and we believe we are achieving that goal. Being recognised as best in class by a panel of independent judges affirms our company’s vision and mission.”

To learn more about the award winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit https://www.cv-magazine.com/2017-hr-training-awards-2017.

Further information about Electude can be obtained by visiting www.electude.com.

About Electude

Electude (www.electude.com) is the world’s leading automotive e-learning company. Built on a quarter century of experience in providing students with the most effective, engaging and enjoyable method of learning. Electude prides itself on focusing on equipping instructors with the techniques, tools and training to give students the best educational experience possible. With clients in over 50 countries spread over 6 continents, Electude is available in more than 30 languages. Electude is a true educational innovator that provides the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution currently available in the market.

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