Electude UK Qualification Courses

Electude UK have been working hard to create new mapped courses to UK qualifications. We have thought long and hard about how we can suit these to your teaching methods and have re-evaluated the structure of these courses. All of the learning modules and quizzes will now be separate and we have focused on creating manageable courses by condensing the number of modules in each section.

You can now use these courses directly or you can make an editable version by copying the course. These have been designed to work with the new lock and unlock function which you can learn about on our new YouTube page here.

We invite you to explore these new courses and offer any feedback you have. We have plans to expand the number of mapped qualifications but we need your input. Please email us with the qualifications you would like us to make next and include the following information to [email protected] :

  • Awarding body
  • Qualification title
  • Qualification number

To access the new Electude UK Qualification Courses click on: Courses Tab > Electude UK Qualification Courses > and select your course.


New Features/Modules

In the last year Electude have added a host of helpful new features and modules. Some examples include:

  • Case study modules
  • LTI support
  • Improved student enrolment
  • Restore deleted modules, courses and students.
  • Lock/unlock course functionality
  • Enhanced modules search

You can find out more about these features and more in the new News tab when you next login.


Electude UK website

Due to demand we are currently building a new UK website where you can find our latest webinars and product information so we can support you better. We would love to include feedback and experiences from our users. If you would like to provide us with a testimonial please email your name, college, quote and a picture to [email protected]


Training and Support

If you need any additional training please join one of our webinars here or visit our YouTube page.

Electude UK are looking to collaborate more with our users. In the near future we would like to create webinars with you where we invite guest lecturers to share best practices with other users. These Showcase webinars will be listed on the website for you to join.


Sneak Peak

Next May we will be launching the Electude Ambassador Award, so watch this space for how to get involved!


Any questions?

Email: [email protected]