Can I edit Electude courses to suit my qualification?

Yes, of course.  You can choose to copy any of the Electude courses that are available to you.  Once the course has been copied you can add or remove content in ‘Self Made’ and then assign the course to your student group.

Can I generate reports on Electude to show student progress and time spent?

In the students tab you can download results, progress and time spent by module, course, student or group.

Does Electude integrate with other platforms?

Electude is compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  You can also use Single Sign On and LTI 1.3 functionalities.

How do I use the Electude Engine Management Simulator?

You can assign the Electude Engine Management Simulator to your student groups and they can complete numerous faults at three difficulty levels.  Please contact your Electude representative for training on the simulator.

How much does Electude cost?

The prices depend on how many users you have, the amount of lessons you require and the duration of the license. Please contact us and we can make you a bespoke offer.

Is the free trial the full version or only part of the programme?

The trial version is the full version and includes Automotive Essentials, Electric Drive and Heavy Vehicle Systems.

Is there a help menu on Electude?

Once logged in to your Electude domain you will see a ‘?’ on the upper right corner.  If you click the ‘?’ it will take you to the relevant part of the help guide for where you are on the Electude platform.  For example, if you are in the ‘Courses’ tab the help menu will provide guidance on ‘Courses’.

My student cannot login or hasn’t received their login email, can I reset their password or resend the email?

Login as a teacher, select your students name and click the ‘resend login details’ button. This will resend the email. If they continue to have trouble click the pencil icon and manually change their password.

My students struggle with reading. Are there any audio options?

Yes, the Electude lessons are equipped with text to voice options in most languages. Just click on the speaker icon on the module screen and the text will be read out loud.

What do I do if the question of the module does not make sense to me or there is a problem with the graphic?

In teacher view, click on the comment button in the lower left of the module screen and make a comment. We will review and fix the problem.