What customers say about us

“At Coleg Menai we are excited to be the first college in Wales, to work with Electude software. Students grow bored if content isn’t highly visual and interactive, Electude Simulator lets our students work on virtual fault finding exercises, they learn by doing and it really works. As a tutor I can easily measure the progress of each student by just taking a look at the onscreen progress bar, I can see where a student is struggling and assign more modules related to that subject. I spend less time marking and more time teaching.”
– Arron Peel, Coleg Menai Wales, United Kingdom

“Where would we all be without Electude. It’s been an invaluable teaching recourse during these days of teaching and learning at a distance. I can also see, as a lecturer and trainer, who has completed what, which has aided motivation and enthusiasm of many my students and individuals. Keep up the good work.”
– Wayne Cartwright, Coleg Gwent, United Kingdom

“Fantastic online resource Electude and the support provided has been a god send in supporting our learners in lock down. we as a college have used Electude for many years to back up our delivery and understanding for L2 L3. I look forward To working positive again this year with this evolving and knowledgeable resource.”
– Alistair Finch, Gloucestershire College, United Kingdom

“I have been delivering/leading bus and coach engineering frameworks/standards for 4 years, having come directly from industry I have spent many hours building courses and power point presentations in order to give my apprentices the best experience and training I can. There has always been lots of resources available for light vehicle but never really anything for heavy vehicle or bus and coach, until that is linked with Cat last week. This online interactive resource is absolutely fantastic and I’ve only scratched the surface with a short free trial, I can’t wait to show my teaching staff this new training/teaching resource and am sure the apprentices at Coventry college will benefit hugely from its content. As we move into a new digital/remote learning environment, Electude appear ahead of the game!”
– Craig Line, Coventry College, United Kingdom

“Learning technology is a vital part of teaching, learning and assessment as it enhances the student experience by using technologies and resources. Today’s students are used to using technology also gives great opportunities for individualised learning. By using resources like Electude students can learn at their own pace in an interactive way which checks learning but also reinforces the learning they have learnt in the classroom. In-line of the FELTAG report which was released in 2013 where it was reported that colleges should be working towards 10% of learning should be online Electude supports the automotive department by providing students with online learning to help achieve this statistic. It also provides an opportunity to develop English and maths skills, which is contextualised to their learning and English, and maths is a high priority for Ofsted. In addition to the above Electude offers a great tracking system so the Tutor can keep track on the amount of time spent studying on-line and then this can be used as a celebration for good use or during a one to one to find out why it is not being used”.
– Steven Woodward, Swindon College, United Kingdom